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Making the Commitment

Making the Commitment

Please remember that the ownership of any dog involves responsibility and commitment!

There are a few things to ask yourself before purchasing any dog!

Can you afford the dog? Not just the purchase price of the dog, but the many years of expenses that come with any dog, i.e. food, routine veterinary care, and emergencies that always seem to happen at the worst possible time?

Do you have the time and energy that a puppy or adult needs to have just for them? If you are already "stressed" by your daily schedule, how are you going to care for your "four-footed" friend?

Are you and your entire family committed to bringing a puppy or adult into your family, never forgetting that the puppy (or adult) was invited there by you and that you are responsible for seeing that he is taken care of properly?

Please... research the breed before you buy!!!

Every breed has specific health and development needs. Your breeder should be there for you every step of the way.