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We could write pages and pages to tell you about the Great Danes, but we will try to be brief and just give you the general Idea. All "Great Dane breeders" have their own opinion. This is true of all breeds, so it is best to use the Great Dane Club of America or the AKC links below to learn about the breed standard and its history.

Every dog is different, and the Great Dane is first and foremost a dog, but like every breed, the Great Dane has certain characteristics that are purposely bred in and refined.

The Great Dane loves home and family above all. With a stable temperament and a sweet attitude, he is big and strong, but very sensitive and needs to be by your side. The Dane wants to please you, and he will if you are gentle and consistent in your handling of your new Great Dane puppy. The Great Dane is very affectionate with the family (most Danes are dependable and devoted to children), but can be wary or standoffish with strangers until he knows them better. The Dane is courageous and protective. Danes do fine with other animals.

The Great Dane is very much a "house pet". They need to be a part of the family and be by your side.

They thrive in a close, loving family, and if you raise him with love and care, train him with patience and socialize him well, you will be proud to have him as part of your family.

As with any large breed or giant breed, it is very important to remember that a Great Dane's size is not an indication of maturity. Danes do not mature for about two years. It is sometimes easy to forget that your 30 inch, 100 pound, best friend is only six months old.

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